Reasons Why You Should Build a Home with Extra Rooms

Building a new home on your New England block of land with an extra room may sound like a strange idea, especially if your family is small or you are downsizing; however, plenty of home owners are making simple adjustments to their intended floor plans and doing just that. Believe it or not, when building in New England adding an additional room into your design is a clever idea.

Need convincing? Here are just a few of the main reasons why this is fast becoming the done thing and home owners are overjoyed with the result.

Your own health club

If you are the kind of person who has a desire to live a healthier life, become fit and overall get active, a spare room in your home can very easily become your own health club. No more excuses about heading out into the cold to go to the gym, it’s all there for you. When you feel like pedalling out a few kilometres on a stationary bike or taking a brisk walk on your treadmill whilst catching up on your favourite television shows all you need to do is head down the corridor. An indoor gym need not be fancy, but having the extra room in your house to accommodate for your needs, at the time, is priceless.

A hobby room

We all have hobbies, whether they be sewing, quilting, model making or collecting knick-knacks. Whatever you are into, there’s a good chance that you don’t get to partake in it too often because, well simply, you don’t have the room to leave your machine out or a place to lay out all of your intricate pieces to make your model helicopter. An extra room can become the perfect hobby room. A place where you can let loose and then close the door and know that you can pick up where you left off next time you get a spare moment.

A guest bedroom

A designated guest room is always ready, appropriately decorated and very comfortable. It’s that special room always ready to welcome unexpected visitors or grandchildren and means there is no mad panic looking for the blow up mattress or a set of sheets each time. Don’t consider the space a waste; consider it an opportunity to make someone feel welcome, even if just for a night.

Home office

So many Australians are seeking ways to enjoy a greater work/life balance and incorporating the option to work from home is one of the most popular choices. Having an extra room set up as a home office allows you to enter the space and switch into work mode. It could be the perfect place for client meetings and gives you the opportunity to conduct your day-to-day business in a professional setting, instead of using the kitchen bench or dining table. Don’t forget, too, that there are many financial benefits to be enjoyed by having a dedicated home office. A chat to your accountant will verify this and could offer some healthy tax incentives.

Spare room for extra storage

We all do our bit of spring-cleaning, but you can really never have enough storage. There will always be something you just don’t know where to put: a pile of records you are not ready to dispose of or a suitcase of clothes you just might want to wear again one day. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an extra room in your home especially for these items? Tuck them away in your spare room, close the door and know that your items are safe and sound until you have the time to plan their next move.

A studio

Every artist knows how important it is to have a dedicated art studio and when it can be in your own home, it becomes such a valuable asset. It need not be large, all it needs is plenty of natural light, a perfectly comfortable chair, an easel and storage for all your essentials. An added bonus would be a space for a small sink to wash up. Sound good?

A quiet retreat

Imagine having a special place in your home, filled with your favourite novels, a comfy chair and just the right amount of light. An extra room can be turned into the retreat that you’ve always dreamt of. A place just for you. A space filled with everything you love.

Fun zone—just for kids

A dedicated room for kids to be kids is probably something every family wants. No more stepping on miniature Lego, no more treading on dolls and no more cleaning up far too many times a day. Sometimes it’s just easier to surrender to the toys, so having a space where games and toys can be contained is well worth considering.

Games room—just for adults

There’s nothing better than a playroom just for adults. If the kids can have one, why shouldn’t the adults, too! A fun space to house a billiard table, an area to play board games and cards or maybe just a quiet spot to sit and have a drink around a built-in bar. Sounds like a great idea. Don’t you think?

Building a new home with Dixon Homes in New England is smart. The team know all about how to make the most of your available space, how to work with land of all different shapes and sizes and, most importantly, how to accommodate your lifestyle needs into your floor plan design. There are 2000 exclusive new home designs to choose from and plenty of options for you to customise your kitchen and bathroom so that your new home is everything you ever imagined. And if you do decide that an extra room is going to be part of the design that can be catered for too.

Dixon Homes offers hundreds of design ideas for New England residents to consider, so if you are thinking of building a new home , but aren’t quite sure where to start, give the team a call today.

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