7 Questions To Ask Your Stanthorpe New Home Builder

Are you planning to build a new home in Stanthorpe? Regardless of whether this is your first home or you have been down this path before, it is essential that you are prepared with a list of key questions to ask your chosen home builders. Selecting the right Stanthorpe home builder to work on your dream home can take time but when you are equipped with this list of questions, you’ll soon be able to identify the best, most experienced building team to partner with.

1. Can you show me examples of your work

Don’t just take a builder’s word as gospel. You’ll want to see examples of previously constructed homes, view recently finished projects and developments and browse showrooms to get a feel for the way in which homes are built. Sometimes you can also get the opportunity to chat to other customers to get a feel for their level of satisfaction.

2. What warranty or guarantees do you offer?

It is unfortunate that even the most quality built homes sometimes need to call upon a warranty if defective or inferior materials have been used in error. Sometimes too, unexpected problems occur even ten years down the track that require immediate attention. It is therefore essential that you understand the workmanship guarantee in place and the warranty that comes with your new home. It must be clear what your warranty includes, right down to the smallest elements.

3. Are you licensed and insured?

Don’t assume that all builders are licensed and insured to carry out the construction of new homes. It is important that you ask the right questions and only work with a licensed builder. And don’t just take their word for it—you can check yourself online or contact your local council too. Your builder also needs the most appropriate insurance. It’s all about being prepared.

4. What happens if I change my mind?

Even when you think you’ve locked in your floor plan, choice of fixtures and fittings and design, it is possible that you may just change your mind. You may want to find out ahead of time what your options are if this does happen and what the costs may be.

5. Are costs fixed or can they change?

When you sign a building contract, typically the full cost of the project is made clear and outlined in detail. Again, don’t assume this. Some builders like to throw in hidden fees and charges at the last minute. To avoid nasty surprises it is important to discuss up front exactly what the final cost will look like and make sure that it is locked into your contract.

6. How will I be kept updated with the progress of my home?

Being open and honest at all times during construction will give you the greatest level of confidence. Ask your builder how you can monitor progress and see what stage they are up to. The more they are willing to share, the better you will ultimately feel about the whole progress.

7. Are there any major development plans for the area in the next five years?

Whilst this may sound like a strange question to ask a builder, any reputable local building company will be an expert on the area and will be in tune with development and prospective infrastructure changes.

There of course will be plenty of other very important questions you may want to ask your builder so don’t take this list to be the most exhaustive. Designed to get you thinking, these questions will help form a solid discussion from which you can comfortably choose the ideal home builders for your Stanthorpe investment.

When the time comes to choose home builders for your Stanthorpe home, put your trust in your local Dixon Homes team for New England. They are ready to answer any question you have and will offer you the most straightforward home construction you can imagine.

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