The Property Market in New England is in Demand

The road to recovery may be slow, but the New England property market is showing all the right signs that the worst is over. With consumer confidence again on the rise and low interest rates available, it is a great time for both first homebuyers and those looking to upsize into a new family home to enter the market; and with so much to love about the New England region, why not?

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Building a New Home for a New Life in New England

Those looking for a new start, tree change in a new home would have a lot to gain by learning more about the New England region of New South Wales.  New England is truly a region of diverse contrasts.  Despite the fact the area doesn’t have any clearly defined boundaries, most people accept the area between the Northern Tablelands and North West Slopes and Plains as encompassing the region.  Armidale and Tamworth are arguably the best-known towns in the region and two of the most populous.

Regarded by some as the “true Australian experience”, this could well be the place for you to build a new home.

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The Pros and Cons of Buying Land Now and Building Later

Many buyers trying to enter the property market in a specific location may choose to secure land months or even years before they plan to build on it. When the right site becomes available in the right location, buying land before you can afford to build can ensure you don’t miss out and shield yourself from rising land values, especially if there is limited supply where you want to live. There are some potential risks and things byers should consider if using this strategy, and we explain them below. Continue reading

3 Common Financial Mistakes Made By First Home Buyers

Buying a new home can be an incredibly daunting process – especially if you’re going in as a first timer. Not only do you need to think about how it will be financed, and ensure you get the best deal, there’s also usually a strict budget to work to. On top of this buyers may often find associated costs that they had not accounted for, adding more financial stress.

It’s not all woes and worries however, and by making plans to avoid the following mistakes, buyers can shield themselves from some of the financial pressures of building or buying an existing home – which will go a long way to make the process less stressful. Here are three common financial problems many first home-buyers encounter – and how to avoid them. Continue reading

Renting Versus Buying – How to Decide What’s Right for You

Buying a home is undeniably a rite of passage for most Australians. With 70 per cent of Australians owning their own home, most renters will often question the logic in continuing to rent when they could be paying off a mortgage towards a tangible asset and create equity in the process.

Many financial experts believe real estate is one of the best investments due to it being a tax free asset. With interest rates at the lowest rates in around 60 years, this forced savings of paying a mortgage means that in many places around Australia, it’s cheaper to buy than rent. Still, there are many reasons to rent, and it all depends on your financial situation and if you are ready to commit.  Dixon Homes New England explain more reasons for each below.  Continue reading

Homes Built Today Vs Those Built 50 Years Ago

There are more than a few differences between the way homes are built today and those that have been standing for 50 years or more. Some people may have the perception that homes were better built in decades gone past, and while this may be true in some circumstances, in actual fact, it’s owners of new homes today are actually better off. This is especially true when you consider the skills, knowledge and techniques in the building industry today, versus that of a bygone era.

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