New Home Construction Must-Haves

The luxury of building your own new home in Stanthorpe allows you to include every feature you’ve ever dreamt of. These days home builders have an eye for what’s functional, and have seen their fair share of unique demands but at the end of the day what you choose as your fixtures and fittings needs to suit you and your lifestyle. Dixon Homes, builder of some of the best new homes Stanthorpe has seen, will partner with you to design your dream home.

So what would your list of new home must-haves include? Not sure? Well how about these ideas to get your creativity flowing. Some of these may seem rather extravagant but they are worth considering and will save you time and money in the long run.

Must-haves for the kitchen

  • A second sink: full-size if possible, you’ll never realise how much you use it.
  • Instant hot water: Not everyone has the time to wait for a kettle to boil, right?
  • Lights inside cupboards: We all appreciate the little light that comes on when we open the fridge door, but have you considered including lights in your pantry or kitchen cupboards?
  • A built-in bin: It may sound rather logical but there are plenty of kitchen layouts that forget to create a hidden home for the rubbish bin.

Must-haves for the bedroom

  • Accessible light switches: You know how you can sit in your bed in a hotel and easily switch lights on and off? Well, why not incorporate that into your bedroom too. Bedroom light switches at your bedside. Perfect.
  • Ample storage: Whether you have a fetish for shoes, love to store clothing away for each season or just like everything to have its own place, you’re going to need ample storage.
  • Laundry chute: If your home is double-storey, consider building in a laundry chute. No more lugging dirty washing up or down stairs. Install cleverly disguised chutes in key places and you’ll soon find out how ‘enjoyable’ laundry can become.

Must-haves for the bathroom and laundry

  • Towel warmers: Don’t you just love a warm towel out of the dryer? A towel warmer is the next best thing.
  • Skylights: If your floor plan has your bathroom designed with minimal access to external walls or windows, consider a skylight that can also act as a means of ventilation.
  • His and hers benchtops: Let’s face it; women and men have different habits in the bathroom. So if you’ve got the space, consider a dual basin/benchtop that gives you both the freedom to have what matters to you on display.
  • An iGlass shower screen: This is the ultimate in WOW. iGlass, or switchable glass, changes from opaque to clear simply by flicking a switch. Create privacy when you need it fast.

With some of the main areas of the house considered, there are plenty of other construction must-haves for your new home. How about radiant heating beneath the floors? Remote access to all of your electronics and lighting from one universal control or smartphone?

For the best new homes in Stanthorpe, Dixon Homes in New England provides you with designs featuring not only all the essentials, but plenty of energy-efficient features as well. There are also many additional options to consider. Everything from solar panels on your roof to UV glass on the windows and even a grey-water system. Many home owners swear by their central vacuum system, incorporating dimmers on all light switches and even designing a new home with multiple electrical points in each room because you just never know when you’ll need them.

Don’t forget landscape designs too. The outdoor area is just as important as the indoors. Visit a range of display homes, browse plenty of designs on offer and create your new home with as many fabulous features as possible. The experts at Dixon Homes in Stanthorpe will ensure your building process is as enjoyable as possible. Take your time. Designing a new home is not something to rush.

Speak to the team at Dixon Homes New England today to make your dream a reality.