Locking in your Dream House and Land Package – 5 Questions To Ask

Once you’ve got your finances in order, it’s time to find a professional, experienced and highly regarded home builder to help you create the ultimate home. Buying a house and land package and locking in a design for your dream home can be challenging and it most certainly can be overwhelming and scary, particularly when it could very well be the largest investment you’ll ever make.

It all comes down to having done your research and being prepared with a thorough list of questions. Knowing what to ask and why will ensure you can easily identify the perfect team to partner with to build your home.

1. Where can I see examples of homes you have built?

Whilst a building company may have come to you via a reliable recommendation, you’re going to want to see for yourself just how the quality of their homes stacks up. This is where a visit to a showroom is going to really give you the best idea of what they have on offer, the quality of fixtures and fittings used, and it is also a great way to let you see how innovative they are.

Display homes are typically built with the latest mod cons, top of the range additions and attention to detail. They are also often the first time that new floor plan layouts and concepts are introduced to the public—so take it all in and see if their style suits you. Remember not every house and land package will include design elements that meet your needs; so choosing the team that builds a home that you love is important. Whilst you are there, make the time to chat to the sales team and designers to see what they can offer.

2. Do you offer flexibility?

When you are presented with a range of floor plans don’t feel like you are locked in. A home builder will showcase their best designs, possibly their most exclusive and expensive range, and also some of the newer homes but if they don’t quite suit your lifestyle needs, speak up.

The trick is to work with a larger, reputable new-home building company, like Dixon Homes New England. Because they are not a boutique business and offer Australians over 2000 exclusive new home designs, Dixon Homes can afford to not only satisfy your budget but your customisation requests as well. Everyone has a home layout that they always wished they could bring to life.

Is it your dream to have a butler’s pantry in your kitchen?

Have you always wished for a walk in wardrobe? Or,

Are you seeking the opportunity to have a spare room that can become your home office?

Flexibility is important so make sure it is on offer to you.

3. What is your experience?

We all know how important experience is and it’s a key part of the equation when picking the perfect builder. This matters so much because the more experience a builder has, the more likely they are to have dealt with the hiccups, design faults, unexpected problems and common pitfalls that come with property development.

Having that experience up their sleeve means they know what to avoid, how to address hurdles if and when they arise, and they’ll have a well-formulated path to building success.

Experience also brings with it time to establish strong relationships with suppliers. This benefits you, as a home owner, because it means fixtures, fittings and everything that goes into designing your home can be sourced at a cheaper rate.

4. What do you recommend I build to accommodate my land?

You’ll rarely find a block of land that is perfectly flat with even dimensions. In fact, who wants a lot like that? Some of the best-designed homes are created on land that is sloped, oddly shaped or even long and narrow.

Your chosen home builder needs to demonstrate their level of creativity. Their team of designers should inspire you with floor plans and layouts that make the most of the location, the angles and the views. Being able to capitalise on the surroundings, meet your budget and make the most of the land size is not something any home builder can do, nor do they all want to. Be sure to partner with a team that thrives on recommendations and meeting your needs. At the end of the day, this is your ultimate home, isn’t it?

5. What does that word actually mean?

It’s daunting just contemplating the number of elements you’ll needs to consider. Floor plans, architectural lingo and building terminology are not understood by the general public so it pays to never assume. Your home builder should be more than willing to answer every question. They should be happy to take the time to walk you through every detail of the floor plan so you know what’s a window and what’s a door. They should also be able to use their expertise to predict what you may ask and therefore set your mind at ease early on in the negotiations.

Don’t be afraid to seek clarification on anything. It’s your money and if you are anxious about asking, it’s a sign that this building relationship is not necessarily going to work.

Choosing a house and land package provides Australians with plenty of benefits including significant financial gains. But before you sign on the dotted line to lock in the home that will be built for you, make sure you have all your questions answered. Better still, when you partner with Dixon Homes New England, you can be guaranteed that everything discussed here is already a given.

You’ll be able to enjoy more flexibility and customisations than you may ever want, have plenty of new home designs offered to you that will be appropriate for the land you choose and know you are working with one of Australia’s most reputable new-home builders. With over 50 years in the industry, you cannot go wrong. Give the team a call today and visit a showroom this weekend.

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