Why A Duplex Is A House Design Worth Considering

Home owners all across the country are looking for clever ways to get more from their block of land. With land prices on the rise and opportunities to build new homes becoming easier than ever before, a significant number of investors, young families and retirees are knocking down older single storey homes and building a duplex; two brand new houses on the same site.

The benefits of duplex house designs are numerous. Let’s uncover why a duplex house design is certainly worth considering.

What is the difference between a duplex and a regular house?

A duplex is typically two homes that are built side by side or, in some cases, one in front of the other, and have a common wall. Each property has the same advantages of a regular house with a private entry, separate living zones and can be single or double storey, however they are joined. Depending on the area of New England in which you live, it will be important to be aware of any building restrictions governed by your local council. Partner with a reputable building company and all of these concerns will be managed on your behalf making the building process that much easier.

The advantages of a duplex house design in New England

A duplex house design offers plenty of benefits. In most cases the positives are financial, but there are plenty of other good reasons to consider this option.

Live in one home, rent the other

Imagine earning rental income from the home you own next door! Not only will it significantly reduce the financial strain of your own monthly mortgage repayments but can also be a fantastic way to enjoy positive cashflow.

Live in one home, sell the other

The great Australian dream is to live mortgage free and this could be the perfect option to make that dream a reality. By selling one home, you could very well reap enough funds to clear your own mortgage fast.

Care for family members whilst maintaining independence

Whether you have elderly parents who require a little more attention, or grown up children who are seeking independence but not yet in a financial position to purchase their own property, a duplex house design is perfect. Be close to your family members but retain your own space. Keep an eye on your loved ones but allow them to maintain their own privacy and independence. It truly can be the best of both worlds.

Building a duplex property is nothing like a home renovation. You’re not adding an extra room onto an old property. You are not uncovering unexpected problems or potentially facing unexpected costs for building works that were not done to plan before you moved in. You’re getting two, or in some cases three, brand new homes built to your standard and to your own taste. These will be quality properties designed with energy efficient fixtures and fittings and workmanship with guarantees to outlast any maintenance jobs. What’s more, you’ll have the satisfaction of owning a brand new home in a suburb you love. Where can you get all this? With Dixon Homes New England.

Dixon Homes offer a range of duplex house designs suitable for all land sizes, no matter what dimensions or shape. The homes within your duplex can be identical, or individual – one with a double garage, one with a single, for example. The options are there for the taking. If you are considering unlocking the potential your land holds but do not know where to start give the expert design team at Dixon Homes a call today.

Duplex house designs are well worth considering for both financial and wider lifestyle benefits. Contact Dixon Homes New England today to make your dream a reality.