Buying In New England – What To Consider When Downsizing

There comes a time in your life when you realise that the family home is no longer being utilised like it always was.  Your children have all grown up.  You have grown up. And you come to a point when you recognise that all you really need is a smaller property with fewer rooms.

There are plenty of aspects to consider when choosing to downsize and benefits to be enjoyed too.  Here are a few of our key recommendations worth taking into account.

Consider your location wisely

There is no denying that moving house at any age is stressful.  When it comes to downsizing this can cause even further angst because it can result in a rather large adjustment to your current lifestyle. If you are the great entertainer you may find yourself with less space to wine and dine friends and family, and of course there’s also the issue of storage.  But it’s not all bad news.  Your new home may have a smaller garden or offer open plan living without the designated dining room, however your choice of location could hold the key to plenty of opportunities.

Entertaining does not always need to occur within your four walls. Local cafes and wine bars are great options to consider.  Let’s not forget too that Dixon Homes, Australia’s largest and most trusted new home builder are experts in designing houses that suit everyone and every budget.  What may seem impossible could actually become a reality for you. All you need to do is chat to one of the expert designers and take it from there.

Mortgage needs

It must be said that a smaller home typically brings with it a smaller home loan.  And if you’ve been fortunate enough to have built up a generous equity in your family home, there is a good chance that your mortgage will be relatively small.  Better still, couple your choice to downsize with a move to a less affluent area and you could even end up in front, possibly eliminating the need for a loan at all.


Change in lifestyle

You’ve no doubt started to feel the changes that come with being an empty nester.  Whilst some couples take time to adjust, others relish being able to have more time for themselves, and each other. With more free time up your sleeve, it could be the time to take up a new hobby or dust off one you shelved for a period of time.  This is where a spare room is always worthwhile considering building into your home design.  A place just for you to spread your sewing out, to listen to music, to do your favourite jigsaw puzzles without having to pack them away; or simply a place to store precious mementos.

Of course you may prefer the opportunity to get out and about, take walks, have a hit of tennis or go fishing.  Downsizing does not mean the end but just the beginning of the next phase in your life.

Fewer household expenses

One of the positives to downsizing is having more disposable income available. A smaller home requires less to run.  And a brand new Dixon Homes’ house comes with more than just modern efficient appliances and design features.  You’ll save on monthly expenses, have far less to maintain and overall it can be so much more affordable.


As mentioned earlier, downsizing can be quite a challenging decision to make because it does mean that there is a need to part with items that have graced your family home for a long time.  Depending on how you look at it though, it could be the perfect excuse to clear clutter.

Decluttering can be hard but it is also just as rewarding.  So when you are considering what your new home will look like it’s also important to take into account whether there will be sufficient room for your existing furniture and key belongings. Better still, you’ll have access to adequate storage to allow you to hold onto items until you are well and truly ready to part with them.

The designers at Dixon Homes are experts when it comes to creating space in small areas.  They can work with you to come up with innovative storage solutions and ways to incorporate shelving out of what otherwise may be dead space.

Choosing the right house for you

Choosing a brand new home that is going to suit your new lifestyle can be overwhelming. That’s where it pays to give Dixon Homes a call.  For over 50 years, Dixon Homes have continued to make Australian dreams come true.  On offer today are over 2000 exclusive new home designs and one that is certainly perfect for you.

Don’t forget too that when it comes to tailoring a home to suit, there are hundreds of customisations that are also available.  Whether you want to adjust your bathroom, kitchen or simply incorporate an extra ‘spare’ room, all can be accommodated.

Dixon Homes don’t only build new homes on your own land, they also offer a range of off the plan opportunities. These allow you to buy into a development where all the hard work has already been done.

When it comes to low maintenance and convenience, downsizing into a New England property will ensure you are not faced with years of renovations and hidden nasties that can appear with existing homes.   Smaller homes do not mean lower quality. In fact you’ll not only experience the Dixon Homes difference, but find yourself holding the keys to your very own place sooner than you can imagine.

Let Dixon Homes take all the pressure off you when you choose buying in New England as your next move.  Downsizing need not be limiting with the right team on your side and all aspects considered.  Take the time to walk through a Dixon Homes showroom. Get a feel first hand of just some of the amazing designs on offer and you’ll be able to more confidently make decisions.

Contact Dixon Homes today to make your dream of buying in New England a reality.