Building a New Home for a New Life in New England

Those looking for a new start, tree change in a new home would have a lot to gain by learning more about the New England region of New South Wales.  New England is truly a region of diverse contrasts.  Despite the fact the area doesn’t have any clearly defined boundaries, most people accept the area between the Northern Tablelands and North West Slopes and Plains as encompassing the region.  Armidale and Tamworth are arguably the best-known towns in the region and two of the most populous.

Regarded by some as the “true Australian experience”, this could well be the place for you to build a new home.


New England – the Only Thing it’s got in Common with Old England is its Size!

In fact, depending on the boundaries used, England’s 130 thousand square kilometres could fit inside New England’s 166 thousand square kilometres.

With five major highways connecting the towns dotted throughout the New England region, it’s easy travelling between New South Wales and Queensland on the New England Highway, while the Newell Highway links Victoria and Queensland through Narrabri and Moree.  You’ll also find airports, bus and rail services in the main towns

If you’ve only ever passed through the New England region on the way to the big smoke, you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s mainly farming country with not a lot going on.  In fact, the New England area is home to 27 national parks, which include World Heritage, listed areas.

This is a region that feels all four seasons.  Hot and dry in summer, windy and cold in winter and fresh in spring and autumn, there’s no mistaking what time of year it is in this part of the country.


Tamworth – The Low Down on the Hoedown

Tamworth is known as one of the traditional centres of New England, the other being Armidale.  Tamworth is probably better known as the country music capital of Australia, with the Tamworth Country Music Festival being held annually over two weeks in January.  Tamworth’s population of close to 50 000 doubles over the course of the two week festival, bringing a massive economic and tourism boost to the city. Tamworth is also home to the Australian Equine and Livestock Events Centre and Tamworth Regional Entertainment Centre.

As for the people who live in Tamworth, it’s a fairly even spread of older couples and families and established couples and families.  A great city to raise a family, especially in the safe and leafy East Tamworth, where many medical and education professionals are based, Tamworth also has some excellent schools, both private and public.

Being a major regional centre you get the benefits of a country town feel with all the amenities and infrastructure of the city.  Tamworth is also an extremely picturesque city but make sure you prepare yourself for hot summers and cold winters!

Throw Your Arms around Armidale

The other major centre of New England is Armidale and here you’ll find another city with a lot to offer.   With a population of close to 25, 000, Armidale is the halfway inland point between Brisbane and Sydney.  Families make up a big part of the population, but due to the location of the University of New England just five kilometres from the centre of the city, Armidale is also home to lots of young, independent singles.  Armidale’s climate is much milder than Tamworth’s, with warm summers.  You will experience the true four seasons here though, as winter can get cold with snow averaging a fall one day every three years.  Autumns are stunning as the leaves change, while springs are welcome and fresh.  Armidale has a rail service as well as an airport, which services five flights to and from Sydney every day.  There is also a cycleway that links the University of New England to the centre of Armidale and further to the east.  You won’t struggle to find a good school in Armidale with a number of private and government educational facilities.


Is New England the Place to Build a New Home from Off the Plan?

Whether you’re thinking about building your first home or this is an investment, New England has some excellent spots to build that will return excellent yields.

If you are considering building off the plan, there are some terrific benefits, especially for first home buyers who may not yet have the capital to secure finance.  When you buy off the plan, all you need is a ten per cent deposit.  Unlike buying an established home where you have to start pouring money into the mortgage straight away, with an off the plan purchase, you’ve got some breathing room to save more during the construction period.  There are also major stamp duty savings to be had.  Investors will also save more at tax time, when depreciation is taken into account.


House and Land Packages in New England

With many of the same benefits of buying off the plan and some added bonuses, too, a new house and land package is a great way to get yourself, or some renters, into a new home.  To begin, your house and land package provider takes care of all that worrisome and tiresome paperwork.  They get to deal with council and state government bureaucracies while all you’ll have to do is sign the paperwork. More often than not, you’ll be able to walk through your new home before it’s built in the form of a display home, while still having some flexibility to choose the inclusions to suit your needs and style.  Once you’re in you’ve got the security of the seven year builder’s guarantee, which covers you for most of the build.  Not to mention the ongoing maintenance of your new home, which will of course be much less than in an established home.

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