Locking in your Dream House and Land Package – 5 Questions To Ask

Once you’ve got your finances in order, it’s time to find a professional, experienced and highly regarded home builder to help you create the ultimate home. Buying a house and land package and locking in a design for your dream home can be challenging and it most certainly can be overwhelming and scary, particularly when it could very well be the largest investment you’ll ever make. Continue reading

Why A Duplex Is A House Design Worth Considering

Home owners all across the country are looking for clever ways to get more from their block of land. With land prices on the rise and opportunities to build new homes becoming easier than ever before, a significant number of investors, young families and retirees are knocking down older single storey homes and building a duplex; two brand new houses on the same site. Continue reading

New House Designs Stanthorpe—Living in a Cul-De-Sac

Have you found the most perfect street to call home in Stanthorpe but have no idea how you could build your dream home in a cul-de-sac? You’ll be pleased to know that it is easier than you can imagine. Dixon Homes in New England designs houses perfectly suited to cul-de-sacs. In fact, the experienced design team knows all too well the advantages of living in hidden-away streets and have tailored a selection of floor plans and homes most suitable to be built in cul-de-sacs.

Let’s take a look at the designs on offer and get you started building a dream home.

What exactly is a cul-de-sac?

A cul-de-sac can also be described as a dead end street, or a court where there is only one way in and one way out. Typically quiet to traffic because there is no thoroughfare, these streets are usually highly sought after and property prices can be driven up with greater demand. If you are looking for a new property in which to raise a family or simply prefer less noise pollution, a cul-de-sac could be your best bet.

Three-bedroom home designs

A three-bedroom home, or two-plus-study, is one of the most common floor plans and is can be designed in various ways to accommodate different land sizes. For great house designs in Stanthorpe, you can’t go past Dixon Homes.

The NC5318 is just one of these designs, and is suitable for a narrow block of land. Covering 160 square metres and priced at just over $217 000, this home design offers two bathrooms, a double lock up garage plus open-plan living and dining zones. Opening out onto an alfresco meals area, this may be the home you are looking for.

A similar design, again for a lot of land that is only 10 metres wide, is the NC9625. Slightly less expensive at just over $214 000, this home design allows for a single garage; however, across the same 160 square metres of floor space, provides for a much more roomy living area. It all depends on your unique needs.

Double-storey homes

If you are fortunate enough to own land that is slightly wider, you could always consider going up. There are plenty of double-storey house designs Stanthorpe residents will find suitable for cul-de-sac living.

The FC0811 is the ultimate entertainer. Priced at around $370 000, this very spacious 292 square metre home comes with four bedrooms, three bathrooms and a double lock up garage. Not only is the open-plan living and dining area overlooked by the kitchen, but it also opens out onto an undercover alfresco patio. Suitable for a lot width of 12.05 metres, this becomes the perfect way to spill out into the garden on a balmy evening. Upstairs all of the bedrooms are neatly tucked away and another media room, possibly just for the kids, will allow everyone to have a space to call home.

Of course that’s just the start of what Dixon Homes New England has on offer.

Dixon Homes offers house designs with more rooms, various layouts and even an L-shaped design where the family, dining and kitchen zones encompass the large outdoor alfresco area.

Living in a cul-de-sac brings with it fabulous opportunities and Dixon Homes capitalises on that by offering a large range of home designs perfectly suited to your street. And if you fall in love with the look of a house design but are keen to make some variations to better suit your taste, all you need to do is chat to a Dixon Homes designer and make those changes come to life.

For transparent pricing, quality fixtures and fittings, and a home you once thought was only a dream, make the call today.

Speak to the experts at Dixon Homes New England today to make your dream a reality.


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